The Confusing State of the World


What has this world come down to when you can get spam COMMENTS? I thought it was limited to email, but apparently not! Apparently, Word Press allows people to submit comments that make no sense, and probably put a virus on your computer if you accept them.


Anyway, the state of the world is at the moment confused. For a lot of people this confusion is stemming from Obama. I don’t think anyone is really certain whether he is the good guy anymore. I think that when the people who supported him during his campaign turn on the radio now a days they cover their ears and sing the “I can’t hear you song” that we all know from childhood. Many people have a saint impression of him, and so can’t face the truth that he has: the toughest problems to face in a long time, more pressure on him than before, and the toughest circumstances. N. Korea threatening in Asia, the Middle East a confusing jungle (desert) of killers and citizens (who can tell the difference?), and the congress at each other’s throats over a health care plan that might destroy us or help us. I’ve always said that we should be setting our own problems straight, before we go meddling with others, but maybe this isn’t the best time for healthcare. Or maybe it’s a diversion, because isn’t some stupid healthcare plan a lot less scary terrorists?


Now that everyone has access to everyone else, via the internet, they are being very verbal about their facts, opinions, and comments. It’s like a giant gossip circle, which I am proudly a part. But, now that everyone has become a politician, can you imagine trying to be a real one in that environment? Everyone saying “You should do this” or “You should do that”. Even the media is one big verbal blog. It’s not actually real reporting anymore, it’s more a commentary on what they “gathered” through “reporting”. But it makes sense, reporting doesn’t make money; facts don’t make money, because you can’t get people watching with facts (apparently). But gossip can make money. This situation surprises me for two reasons. First, I’m naive, and second, wouldn’t you get a wider base of viewers with plain facts and no drama? Yes, Fox gets their republican viewers, and, yes, MSNBC, gets their dems, but what if a channel had just fact? Wouldn’t both sides want to watch it? I would anyway! But now that I think about it, it is hard to imagine a news show without their drama, quirky headlines, and pretty faces. It’s hard to imagine that world in real life. But, coming back to the net, that is one of the good things about normal people talking about real issues, you get the reality. Still, it must be stressful being a politician. Now, you have to deal with the inner and outer ring of gossip and suggestions.


Recently, Obama asked the public to be “patient” about the economy. But people won’t be patient, they want their problems fixed and you promised to fix them. People in real life focus on what is happening and what could happen to themselves, children, parents, and friends, and some can take it personally if the government is not focusing on them, because isn’t that their job? Yes, actually, it is to be for the people and by the people, but ‘the people’ isn’t ‘a person’ they have to help and please the majority. If you really think about it, isn’t that what Obama is doing with his “I won’t tax anyone making less than 250,000” plan? The people making that much money is the minority, so the majority is happy, and is not sympathetic to those making more money than them.


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